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Slash Your Weekly Grocery Bill By More Than 75% …

And Have A Cheap, Perpetual Source Of Nutritious Food When SHTF

Most preppers build their food stockpiles around MREs, dehydrated or canned food…but it’s a mistake to rely solely on them in a crisis situation.


      1. Because once you finish them…that’s it…you’re out of food…you can’t get more
      2. They don’t have nearly as much nutrients and vitamins as fresh produce does
      3. Let’s face it…there’s so much of this stuff you can eat before your taste buds want some real food

Together with three of the founding members of our NUCLEAR SURVIVAL community: Dan Wilson, Jeff Rogers and Kevin Anderson, we set out to create a reliable, low maintenance, high yielding source of natural, fresh food…

…that not only ensures your family doesn’t starve to death in a crisis (no matter how long it lasts)

…but also gives you the “food independence” that every American family should have

We’ve put together a specialized course to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered….no matter what.

This state of the art knowledge is available to only a handful of members…

And we reserved a copy JUST for you…but you must claim it while this page is still open

Make no mistake, once our society goes to hell in a hand basket, everyone will fend for themselves and that means food riots and hungry desperate people kill each other for a measly piece of bread of a can of beans.

You don’t want to be caught up in that madness.

And you have to remember that having a reliable source of food is crucial in a long-term survival situation.

Sooner or later you’re going to run out of supplies….then what?

You can’t go get more from the supermarket or order online….

….and even if you could find someone to barter with…you would probably have to pay an arm and a leg for some food and water…

…that will last you and your family just a few short days.

That’s why your best bet is to have a disaster-proof, year-round solution that will provide you with all the high quality protein, fresh vegetables and clean water you and your family need.

And this solution is at your fingertips…right now

Introducing the Patriot Food Lifeline Pack

Digital Product

We’re giving you not one, not two, but THREE different systems that will answer your need to have vitamin rich vegetables and tasty meat on the table in just 3 weeks, even in the harshest conditions.

These “take you by the hand” guides will reveal to you jaw-dropping secrets that not even the best agricultural experts know about.

And it doesn’t even matter where you live, if you have a big backyard or if you actually have one at all…anyone can put this amazing agricultural miracles to use and have an up and running fully automated micro-farm in less than 4 hours.

Using just 2% of the water used in traditional gardens and you only have to tend to it 10 minutes a day.

And if you’re wondering why 3 systems and not just one…well is because we understand that each person’s situation is different and we want everyone to have the opportunity to grab this food lifeline.

The systems can work together or separately, depending on your situation, but they all give you outstanding results.

And you want to know the very best part about these blueprints?

Here’s what you’ll get in the Patriot Food Lifeline Pack:

Digital product

Backyard Lifeline

Never planted anything in your life, but want to be self-sufficient? Or maybe you have a green thumb, but are struggling with how to minimize the effort and maximize the gain. In Backyard LIfeline you’ll uncover:
  • A DIY system focused on breading high yield animal in small places and growing tasty, 100% natural vegetables
  • The smart way to farm, using the latest hacks to obtain the most out of everything
  • 11 animals that can help you in any survival situation (no one will think of no. 3)
  • The no. 1 vegetable you can easily grow to keep your family nourished all year round
Dan Wilson developed this blueprint that yielded:
  • 1500 duck and chicken eggs
  • 230 lbs. of duck meat
  • 175 lbs. of rabbit meat
  • 30 lbs. of bell peppers
  • 170 lbs. of potatoes
  • 12,500 quail eggs
  • 230 lbs. of chicken meat
  • 120 lbs. of juicy tomatoes
  • 110 lbs. of cucumber
Digital product

Secret Garden

Know the saying: there’s more than one way to skin a cat? This is especially true when it comes to growing fresh, juicy vegetables. Because, contrary to what so called farming experts will tell you….you don’t actually need soil to grow plants. And when you’ll see how easy it is, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking about it earlier.
  • Find out why you shouldn’t rely solely on canned or dehydrated foods
  • Discover a totally automated and bizarre way of growing vegetables without watering them
  • Get the complete list of all the vegetables and how you can grow using this amazing system
  • Use the step-by-step DIY guide to recreate this lifesaving system regardless of your current situation
Digital product

The Endless Food System

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

This is the must-have system for any true patriot that wants to have all his basis covered.

It’s the ultimate back-up to any out-door garden you set-up…that will give you 100% organically grown vegetables and a healthy source of protein…even if you live in an apartment.

Let’s face it, Mother Nature can be nurturing, but it can also be very cruel… and worst yet: unpredictable.

Wild winds, merciless hale or a vicious winter are just some of nature’s ways of making a bad situation, worst…by destroying your outdoor garden.

But with The Endless Food System, you won’t have to worry about the weather forecast.

You’ll get exclusive access to a one-of-a-kind blueprint for a system that is so versatile and scalable that you can built it in your own living room

and still be able keep a family of 4 well fed.

You’ll be able to grow anything from big, juicy tomatoes to radishes, broccoli and carrots….and with a little know trick revealed on page 70….you can even grow strawberries in the middle of the winter. Just imagine how delighted your family is going to be to have these delicious foods available year round.

Not to mention you’re going to have a reliable source of high quality protein…that will keep you nourished and healthy during even the worst survival situations.

Here are just few of the lifesaving information you’ll uncover:

  • The amazing secret of how to combine hydroponics with aquaculture (revealed at page 9)
  • On page 35 you’ll discover the high-protein rich fish you can get for pennies on the dollar
  • The fool-proof guide on how to build this system with detail notes on what parts and tools you’ll need and where to get them starts on page 46
  • Fry or fingerling…that is the question (find out the answer on page 32)
  • What is the best type of water to use and how to keep your system operating at optimum levels (discover the 5 things you should look out for on page 63)
  • The little known secret use of duckweed….it is crucial you read page 89
  • The A to Z of what plants you can grow using this system and what are the best fishes for it

You don’t even have to wait for a disaster to hit in order to enjoy your food.

You’ll save thousands of dollars in yearly grocery bills from DAY 1. Just imagine what how good it will feel to have that money in your pocket and at the same time dine like royalty on juicy, fresh vegetables and mouthwatering protein rich fish.

I’m giving you the keys to unlocking your family’s food independence.

Getting the Patriot Food Lifeline Pack isn’t about just surviving…’s about thriving in a world filled with chaos and despair.

Remember when I said that you’d pay an arm and a leg for some food in a survival situation?

Well why not be the one setting the price instead of the one paying it?

Because the rest of the people won’t be as well prepared as you are…and they’ll pay anything for a bite to eat.

Why beg and grovel for some food and water when you can be one of the chosen few…

…to gain access to this life-saving information…

…but you must claim your reserved copy right now.

And keep in mind that you can’t find a detailed plan like this anywhere else. If you were to add up all the time spent doing the research, testing, trail & error, measuring results, simplifying the designs and the information so anyone can understand and use it….well, it’d be hours upon hours.

Truth be told, if we were to charge just 50 cents/h for our time and effort, you’d end up paying at least $1500.

And even if we would put that aside…a premium package like this would be worth $149


The next big crisis might be just around the corner so  I want you to have everything you need to keep your family safe and sound.

And in a few short seconds you’ll see that this food generator can do much more than just provide your family with fresh, tasty food…

But you must claim your reserved copy right now….while you are on this page.

Remember that God helps those who help themselves

And this is exactly why we made this amazing bundles especially for you.

Because you have shown great determination in ensuring your loved ones don’t long for anything in times of chaos and despair.

This is the must-have, no-brainer item for any true Christian and Patriot that already made the right choice and joined our “NUCLEAR SURVIVAL”  exclusive community.

And to take away any doubts you might have

And You Will Still Be Covered By My 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Go through the “Patriot Food Lifeline Pack” blueprints and if for any reason you aren’t satisfied just use our simple refund system and you will be 2 clicks away from getting back every single penny within 48 hours…no questions asked.

Keep in mind that you can only claim your reserved copy while you are on this page

If for whatever reason you decide you don’t what to be able to provide food for your family when a disaster strikes, simply continue on knowing that your copy will go to someone else.

(Also remember that using these micro-farms TODAY you will slash your grocery bill by 75%)

Once you leave this page you’ll never get this steal-of-a-deal again

Think about it: Can you truly miss out on the chance to ensure your family is well fed no matter what?

Investing in the Patriot Food Lifeline is investing in your family’s future of having all the nourishment they’ll need to survive anything life throws your way.

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