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Most frequent questions and answers

Well, as the investigation led by the New York State attorney general’s office has shown: out of 24 products only 5 contained traces of what the label said they did so that’s what? 20%.
So that means that statistically speaking 80% of the Spirulina out there is either a complete knock-off, diluted or altered.
Now take into consideration that the scale of the investigation did not extend over all the brands currently on the market. So a safe guess would be that percentage is probably closer to 90%.

Conclusion: you have about a 10% chance of finding pure high-grade Spirulina. And if you do, it should cost around $150 or more.

Yes. I am confident that if it worked for thousands of people it will work for you too.
But since we are all different, the results may slightly vary. For example, a lot of the people who wrote me reported they also experienced eye-sight improvement. While a few of them have not.
Or another example is I have friends who saw a quick and dramatic effect – in a matter of days, while others reported experiencing the same benefits but over the span of 4-6 weeks.
Other than that, the evidence is all in this presentation and in hundreds of studies conducted around the world – it is unquestionable: Spirulina is proven to send you energy levels through the roof 100% safe and naturally.

Research shows polysaccharides (Rhamnose and Glycogen) and essential fat (GLA) are absorbed extremely fast by human cells and help in energy release. Spirulina also increases healthy lactobacillus in the intestine, enabling the production of Vitamin B6 that also helps in energy release. Also the other hundreds of nutrients and minerals drastically improve your health which in turn, of course raise your energy levels.

Usually in mild cases 2 capsules per day works perfectly. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. But if you suffer from let’s say a more severe case of constant fatigue or other ailments such as high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes then I definitely recommend 3-4 capsules per day.

Yes. Absolutely.
Spirulina belongs to the substances that are listed by the US Food and Drug Administration under the category Generally Recognized as Safe. And it is 100% natural and vegan.


Yes, I can absolutely guarantee it. Our ordering system contains state-of-the-art encryption technology, so when you order with us, your information is 100% safe and secure.


To tell you the truth, I have no idea.
The stock goes out pretty quickly and keeping this site up costs a lot of money. And I am not sure for how long I can do it. If shipment taxes keep going up I will have no choice but to either drastically raise the price of Up-N-Go or simply give up.

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