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Nuclear Survival brings a unique point of view to prepping.

The offer approaches an angle never seen before in the survival niche and answers a fervent need of your audience, that of Nuclear Survival

A threat that fills every prepper out there with anxiety

This fresh approach is clear-cut and has all the ingredients of a best-seller: a strong storyline, it tackles all the pain points of the customer, it has multiple discounts, an effective funnel, and irresistible products. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get your online marketing business booming! Why is that?

      • NUCLEAR SURVIVAL has all the ingredients of a best-seller: strong storyline, multiple discounts, an effective tested funnel, and an irresistible product because it delivers unique information

      • This is a one-of-a-kind survival guide that is directed to anyone, novice or expert, that is looking for a sure-fire way of preparing for any type of disaster, be it natural or man-made

      • Demographics: Men, ages 45+, Conservatives, Gun owners, Christians

⭐ High Commissions Guaranteed:

Earn 75% Commissions on the whole funnel (front-end sales and upsells), but as your sales volume goes up, you could reach up to 80% Commissions.

⭐ Optimized Upsell Package:

Nuclear Survival offers 3 maxi-upsells, designed to skyrocket your profits. The main product retails at $47. With the 3 upsells and a 75% commission for the whole funnel, you can earn up to $173.5 per sale. Imagine higher commissions!

⭐ High production value TSL

We guarantee to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, hooked and ready for the big pitch

⭐ Loads of Resources

We have dozens of banners in all sizes, email swipes, and other resources that you can use! Just let us know what you need!

⭐ Low refund rate

This product has been carefully designed by one of the greatest survival experts and it brings REAL value to our customers…

Also, our great Customer Support team guides every buyer all throughout the process and promptly answers all their questions.

⭐ Professionalism and Friendship

You get to work with professionals who know this market inside and out… and always get treated like any other member of our team – with respect and understanding.

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Email swipes

Email #1

Is your house ready for a nuclear attack?


Hi, %%First name%%,

From how things are going…a nuclear attack is not about if it will happen, but when will it happen

And now that the shit is just about to hit the fan you need to know if your house is safe…

Or will you end up losing…not only everything dear to you…

But also your life!

You see…

Having a nuclear-safe home is not only possible…

But you can do it in no time…without drilling a huge bunker underground, putting plastic wrap all over your windows, or anything like this…

>> Click here to see how

If you neglect this, you are not only throwing away all the money you’ve spent on prep food

You are also putting yourself and your whole family in danger

>> Click here and learn how to “insulate” your home for the nuclear attack that’s about to hit

Stay safe. Stay prepared.

Bruce Lancer

Email #2


 Open…read…delete…or else …


Hi, %%First name%%,

Putin is tightening his grip on the world’s freedoms because of this bizarre leaked report

Click here to see why…

There could be over 91.5 million casualties in the U.S. alone!

Find out now what you need to survive Russia’s diabolic plan!

Stay safe. Stay prepared.

Bruce Lancer

P.S.: it’s the REAL and ONLY reason why no NUKES have been triggered until now

Email #3


The NUMBER 1 threat 98% of preppers don’t think about


Hi, %%First name%%,

If you don’t want to put your life on the line…

And don’t want to end up losing everything you care about

Then this eye-opening report might be the most important resource you can get! 

Maybe you haven’t heard it yet, but in 2020 alone, during a global pandemic, the U.S. spent a total of $37.4 billion on nuclear weapons

That’s $70,881 per MINUTE!

Yet there are millions of Americans who go to sleep every night without a worry in their minds

Thinking they are safe in their own houses…with thousands of dollars spent in vain on survival food, weapons, courses, and all that good stuff!

That the U.S. has more Nuclear Warheads than hospitals…should have been a wake-up call for every U.S. citizen

But so many still prefer to close their eyes to the biggest threat to our world

Click here to learn how you can protect yourself and your family!

Stay safe. Stay prepared.

Bruce Lancer

Email #4


You don’t know anything about a nuclear bomb! Here’s why!


Hi, %%First name%%,

Do you think mankind would be destroyed after a nuclear attack?

Or that there are almost 0 chances of surviving after a nuke hits American soil?

If you do, you are not alone…

You are among 98.7% of Americans!

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise…since most people get their info on nuclear war from Hollywood movies

But these two are just myths perpetrated by the enemies who wish to demoralize us and make us surrender to their demands.

Russia, on the other hand, has massive civil defense structures and training in place and plans to not only survive but win, a nuclear contest

Now it’s not only possible to survive a nuclear war, but also to thrive and become the leader that saves the community

So if you want to make the first move towards your independence and raise your chances of survival when the shit will hit the fan

Then you have to see this report

15,202 American patriots already opened their eyes after seeing it

And now they all feel safer than ever!

Click here to learn how to protect yourself and your family!

Stay safe. Stay prepared.

Bruce Lancer

Click here to visit Nuclear Survival  

Join now! This is going to be a wild ride!

And please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you might need!

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