What you are about to find out might be the single most important Biblical discovery of the past 500 years
Prepare yourself to discover the real answer to the question most Christians are too afraid to ask...

Does the Bible predict a Nuclear Armageddon
in the Last Days?

On February 24th, 2022 Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine

At first sight this may seem like an act of terrorism against an independent country

But there is actually more to it than meets the eye

Little do you know that Putin is on his way to fulfilling a terrible biblical prophecy…

Encrypted deep inside our Holy Bible 

Only a handful of church leaders know the true meaning of this terrible moment…

Yet no one dares to speak up…

Until today!

The End Days Are Closer Than Ever

So the time has finally come for the people to learn the truth…

This ancient prophecy is hidden within the visions of 4 men…

These Four Evangelists are John the Apostle, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel.

They were chosen to give a very precise and terrifying warning of things to come at the end of times…

This prophecy will fulfill the act of God

And the world as we know it will perish in flames.

Now you will realize why we are minutes away from the darkest event in human history…

An event that may leave millions of red-blooded Americans dead in its wake!

But take comfort as it is God’s will you are here now…

Witnessing the unmasking of evil.

It is the will of our Lord and Savior that you and your family see this

And be saved from all the wrongdoings of our times, just as the Holy Word says:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 

You will understand the terrible tribulation that is about to happen, so that you may have time to prepare.

And I understand you might be feeling skeptical right now.

There have been countless false prophets and doomsayers claiming they know the

Biblical revelations and spewing falseness and deceit…

When the truth has always been there in the Holy Book for all to see.

You just have to know where to look!

But before we go any further you need to know just who I am and how I came into the position of revealing such shocking facts…

My name is Bruce Lancer

I have been a fervent Christian ever since I was a child…

I have put my life in the service of God, committing my time to the study of theology…

And I have given 37 years of my life to studying the ancient Scriptures…

As a pastor and teacher at one of the largest universities in New Haven, Connecticut;

Using my worldly doctor’s degree in theology to save our nation’s lost souls

Until one day, by divine providence, I made a startling discovery that connected all the hidden clues.

What I’m about to reveal to you now is very painful for me to tell

Yet it marks the crossroads in my life, when I chose to go on a 4-year Biblical journey to discover the true meaning of The Hidden Prophecy

You see, 4 years ago I was on a Mission Trip to Hawaii

To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached world

And it was my last day of a moth-long trip…when it all happened

It was a sunny Saturday morning

And I was sitting in my bed, not asleep, but not ready to wake up just yet

Thinking about my 11-hours-flight home later that day

When all of a sudden I hear it…

A loud, piercing noise coming from my phone

“This isn’t the alarm” – I think

I wake up from my bed and reach for the phone to stop the noise

Yet everything I do won’t stop…

And that’s when I see the message on the screen

⚠️Emergency Alert⚠️

My heart is already pounding like crazy at this point

Yet with every word I read

It feels like my heart is going to explode in my chest

This is the message every single Hawaii resident received on January 13, 2018 at exactly 8:07 in the morning


I was one of the hopeless souls that had to read these haunting words on my phone

As you can imagine, at first I thought it was a sick joke

But when I heard a loud bang on my door, I knew I was wrong

I opened it and saw Noah, the local priest

Barely being able to speak he said

“We need to go…NOW…There’s a nuclear missile coming towards us”

He then told me that he talked to a friend of his, who’s a really connected journalist

It’s all real and we need to find a shelter as fast as possible

“There’s a cave nearby, next to the beach…I think this is the safest place we can find right now”- he said

“But we need to go by foot, the roads are filled with cars…they are all driving like maniacs”

And as we were running toward the beach he said

“It’s the North Koreans…I’m certain!” – he said

“And if I’m right, we still got 15 minutes to hide from the blast”

Remember, this was in early 2018, at the height of the “Fire and Fury” conflict

between President Trump and North Korea…because of their nuclear tests of long-range missiles

So Noah’s was most probably right

As you can imagine, during those stressful moments thousands of thoughts were rushing through my head

I thought about all the prepping I did throughout the years…

about all the food I had stock-piled back home…

Only for the shit to hit the fan when I wasn’t prepared…

So far away from my home

On a remote island that happens to be the Headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet

But as you already know…

No Nuclear Missile Ever Reached Hawaii

It was a false alarm that lasted for exactly thirty-eight minutes and 13 seconds

But it turns out that it was actually a blessing in disguise

Because this was the exact moment that sent me on my biblical journey

And by divine intervention, it pointed me in the right direction to discover the real answer about a crypted nuclear prophecy in our Holy Book

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